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Naturally Entertaining

With a conservation forest framing their backyard our clients were looking for a space that naturally blended with the flora and fauna.  Mega flag patio, a stone top barbecue cook centre that becomes part of the natural landscape and a walk down to a secluded conversation area with iron firepit and they didn't even have to leave town.

Overhead View

View from upper balcony, lovely to look at now.


Nice to come home to this relaxing spa

Organizing the Seating

Lounge chairs and tables can be reconfigured depending on amount of guests

Naturally Inviting

So inviting

Walk this Way

Who wouldn't want to step into this magical woodland setting

Good Morning

Shade ferns and hostas will fill in the pathways and borders.

Cover Your Back

Creating a walkway to change your propane tanks is a detail not to be missed.

Path to Privacy

Path leads to cozy conversation area

Fire up the Grill

Natural boulders from the owner's property are built into the stone barbecue.

Into the Forest

Private Time

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