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Tom, thank-you so very much for the beauty surrounding my home.  I love it!  

You have solved so many of my landscape problems and dilemmas and created a unique yard.

I enjoyed your plant lore, your epiphanies and all that I learned from you.

With so much appreciation and gratitude.

Patricia Thalman


We hired Stellar Landscapes to re-design our backyard.  We have a large rural property and wanted a patio area that was functional, spacious and in harmony with the natural setting.  Tom intuitively understood this concept from the time of our initial meeting and continually checked in with us to ensure it was being upheld.

Tom and his crew worked diligently on our backyard for several weeks.  We received regular progress updates and photographs via e-mail as well as weekly update/site walk through meetings.  The site was cleaned up at the end of each day so we could use the parking area/upstairs deck.  

The project was completed on budget and on time!

The result has far exceeded our expectations, it truly is a work of art.  We would not hesitate to reccommend Stellar Landscapes to anyone considering a home landscape project.  We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sue Sibley  

Don and I would like to sincerely thank you,Will and Curt for the exceptional job you did with our pool yard. It was a wonderful journey watching you transform it from the disaster that it started as to the absolute vision of beauty it is now. You are wonderful craftsmen and it’s obvious the pride you take in your work. It shows in every detail. We didn’t know you could make such precision cuts on such huge hunks of rock! From our first meeting to the final clean-up, it was a pleasure to work with you. You took our dream and made it a reality. We will enjoy our new outdoor living space for many years to come. Thank you so very much,

Leigh and Don

P.S. Cooper misses his new friends lol



Hi Tom,

I love everything that was done- your interpretation of my vision was perfect- even better than I imagined ( I will be adding my comments to your blog).
Steve and I were really pleased with your crew- especially considering the extreme weather conditions last.  We also appreciated that there were no last minute charges and that the job was completed with no delays.  A very positive experience for us.  We felt that we were hiring the very best – and we were not disappointed!
Lynne White



Hi Tom....

When I returned home today I was 'utterly speechless'  with the sight of the back yard!! Graham and I have appreciated the care you and your great guys have taken to make it perfect!!

Thanks so much...we truly appreciate the care you have all taken and I promise to try and keep it as tidy as it is now!!

Will touch base with you tomorrow...and can truly say we will miss you guys being in our back yard!!

Thanks again for all the hard (and I'm sure exhausting!) work you have put into our garden to make it truly spectacular....we will not hesitate to spread the word for 'Stellar Landscaping'!! You truly live up to your name!!

Liz and Graham

Dear Tom:

I have had a very tough week so I did not have the presence of mind to look at my personal email.  Please accept my apologies for the tardiness of my response to your proposals, I just saw them.   It is difficult for me to describe my feelings looking at these two designs but here it goes --  stunning, WOW, beautiful, elegant, fun is a good start, I love them both.

I asked you for so little relative to what you and your staff have delivered.  I only asked you for a knot garden with no right angles that would intrigue parents and their young children when they walked by, something they could share together.  I simply imagined something I would enjoy that would also make other people smile.  You all have designed a work of art that will do what art only rarely does -- absolutely capture peoples imagination.

The circle in the corner is brilliant, I never would have figured out how to solve the riddle of no right angles in a corner!  It is the sunniest spot in the yard, of course I should plant roses in it -- the trough never occurred to me!  I have never seen a design where the flow of plant strand had a plant break with another type of plant on the other side -- the alternating flow will be exciting to see.  The graceful curves in both designs are beautiful. The incorporation of the sun Dial is touching, my wife loves that sun Dial!  I never asked, hoped, or expected, to receive any recommendations regarding plants.  That was far past the scope of what I could fairly compensate you for.

You and and your staff had no way of knowing when you selected this project for the very special attention you gave it, how passionate I am about design, plants, and my yard -- it is my only hobby!  I have worked so hard to create a yard that evokes a feeling of serenity, I have studied many, many yards in an effort to find things to emulate.  Never have I seen such an intriguing design in someones yard.  You all have created something so special for me and my neighborhood.  The idea that I have this wonderful design to implement fills me with joy.
PS Regardless of which plan we build, I don't know that it is fair to say one is better than the other, they are both so different from each other.  Both designs would look spectacular in our yard.  Tom I have never seen any thing like either design, and I have looked at thousands of yards, they are both so unique. Please express to everyone who worked on these two projects how much we appreciate all the creativity and effort that went into both projects. Thank you for doing this for us, we are very lucky and we know it!    
Thank you so much !
John Beakley



Dear Tom

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the landscaping work you did for us over the past few months.
It was a pleasure to work with you through the complete job from the design process to the final layout.  We appreciated your expertise and your work ethic.  You were patient with us through any changes we made during the designing process.
The work was done in a timely manner and your work force always left our property clean and neat.
We look forward to working with you again in the future.
Yours truly

Beverley and Paul Long




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