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Water Features

Pond Retreat

Imagine coming home and walking out into your backyard and being in Perry Sound without the 3 hour drive.

View from the Cabana

The addition of a series of stone slabs cantilever over rockery found on the property turn this pond into a vision of a northern lake.

Pool Side Waterfall

This stone sitting bench doubles as a sheer decent waterfall that kids love to interact with.

Cabana Construction

Enter through the iron gates to a pool paradise, just waiting for the finishing touches to the Cabana, let the party begin.

Inground Pool Cover

The automated pool cover retracts into the pool deck for a seamless playground for kids. The clients addition of a waterslide will defintely keep the kids active during hot summer days.

Privacy Panels

This unique post and beam addition with frosted glass panels defines the outdoor living space, providing privacy with a modern artistic flair

Defining Your Backyard

Just waiting for the furniture and BBQ to complete this outdoor living space.

Inground Spa and Waterfall

Imagine relaxing in this spa or restfully sitting on the stone bench with a sheer decent waterfall, now that's how you forget about the world for awhile. The frosted panels provide privacy but still reveal the sillouette of Hydrangeas.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The elongated brick wall had issues from previous construction additions, so a series of custom steel-framed mirrors where implemented to cover the imperfections, reflect the garden surrounds, and re-inforce the symmetry of the overall design. It created a feeling of a much larger space and a true converstaion piece.

Oasis Pool and Waterfall

Random flagstone surrounding this oasis pool leads up to the natural waterfall created with large granite boulders found on the property. Once the diversified planting behind establishes itself this will truly be paradise.

Bridge over Waterfalls

This beautifull waterfall was created with rockery found on the property, then we incorporated large stone slabs to create staircases throughout leading to a natural stone bridge over the waterfall. Once the pocket plantings establish themselves this will truly capture the imagination.

Pool Paradise

Just imagine a hot summer day, walking up the stone staircase, sitting on the bridge with your feet in the waterfall, then step down the watefrall and jumping into your very own oasis. NO airplanes, hotels or hassels, just step into your backyard...

Relax Naturally

Most hot tub and spa features stick out like a sore thumb in the landscape, imagine incorporating these elements as you would find them in nature, set in stone with gardens surrounding you and your guests.

Pool Renovation

This site was originally set with 1970's honey-comb pavers. Pool was given a makeover with liner and plumbing then we incorporated XL sheets of flagstone, hand-cut to fit, rockfaced and polished for an amazing deck surround and patio. Natural stone boulders where utilized for sitting stones around an in-ground fire pit, escarpment oasis!

Grand Entrance

Inspired by the many limestone formations of Ontario we incorporated Random Flagstone from Wiarton (lower patio and sidewalk) Manitoulin Waterfall Ledgerock (retaining walls and waterfall) Owen Sound Ledgerock (large slab steps) Random Credit Valley Flagstone (pool deck and patio) All vewed from the 2nd story grand room.

Smaller Backyard Water Feature

Picture this, sitting pond side reading a book and decompressing from a hard day at work, no matter the size of your yard.

Award-winning Waterfall

Created with stone found on this escarpment residence, this 30' waterfall looks like mother nature made it herself (but we did it in one month) This feature truly looks like it was there before the house.

Bridge over Water

12 inch thick stone slabs where craned into postion to create this magnificent stone bridge over the 10,000 gal pond feeding the waterfall. Bridge to your paridise.

Escarpment Waterfall

The inspiration for this waterfall came from a trout ladder on the credit river. The client request was to replicate that vision at the front of their residence. This water feature was designed to flow all year round

Waterfall in Stereo

By cantilevering the weir stone (large sheets water flows over) enhancing the sound of water across the garden in this residential application.

Contemporary Classic Pool

Polished Black Onyx Stone Coping defines the pool edge and is smooth to the touch. Sqaure-cut flagstone patio and pool surround finish this private setting.

Diving Stone

Large sheet of Natural Wiarton Stone is a great conversation piece and is more pleasing to eye than fabricated diving board

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