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2020 VISION...not so clear after all

When I reflect on the past year I transport myself back to January 2020 BC (before covid19) as 2019 had been another great year in all aspects of my life, family, friends, and work were happy and healthy. WE all enjoyed the holiday season and parade in the New Year with great anticipation, not a care in the world, save a scheduled knee surgery for Feb 12th which was spot-on and recovery was quick. I was ambitious and energized I irreversibly started writing a blog (finally according to my family and clients), preparing for another year of landscape creations, we were planning a long-deserved trip; coin toss between South America and South-East Asia. To gather whenever, wherever and with whomever we pleased. With a pail full of the bucket-list itinerary I was seeing clearly perceiving the year at hand. Well not so clear after all when the unthinkable became reality as for the 1st time in my 65 years on this globe the world came to standstill.

For several months the only friends we could engage with were the inhabitants under one roof which were our dogs, unknowing and without reservation, they possess the power of devotion and make us reliable.

Maurice (the Munchkin Prince) alias MOMO the Destroyer as after ever pee he rips the turf further than Tiger Woods. FYI my eldest son named him.

Chappy alias The Chap Man as he thinks all 16lbs of him is our security system with a high decimal bark that makes a Banjo sound like a floating leaf in the wind.

We are their caregivers, we walk them every day and make their food with the same conscious nutrition as we feed ourselves. They are healthy, happy, and bring entertaining energy to our home.

With all that is wrong in the world, there are many positive things that have come as a result of the changes that are now the new normal. As I said we walk the dogs every day and the signs of nature are ever-increasing, more birds, more animal tracks in the mud and snow, more pollinating insects buzzing around, fewer cars on the roads to dodge, and recycling blue boxes as far as the eye can steps for sure. Nature has responded quickly with a 7% reduction in carbon, previously unheard of with the scientific projections we have been told to strive for, and increasing global recognition that climate change is a reality and has been for some time, albeit small steps it is a step in the right direction.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!! Being restricted to our locale has brought the landscape to the forefront of venture in bought time and monetary investment. It's all good but we need to do so much more. I will continue to write about ways in which we can all improve our interface with our environs and make this world a better place for our children's children....and the reward of a good job done.

HAPPY safe.

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