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Updated: Apr 17, 2022

When I first began designing landscapes clients would come to me with magazines and photo's of their property now they email me idea files from Pinterest and Instagram, how times have changed! The evolution of both landscaping and the internet have gone hand in hand these days with so much information the challenge now is to bring the client back down to earth and provide a clear understanding that many of those picture's are nice but not related to the task at hand and the climate in which the landscape has to thrive.

The primary factor's that really influence the landscape are clients requests vs clients architecture and property, clients budget and the designers ability to plan accordingly and create a working concept that can reflect all of these factor' that is the real challenge.

Planning for the future

By using an innovative and holistic approach in response to the evolution of outdoor living trends stimulated by a strong economy, we recognize the template of beautiful functioning landscapes bringing reality values into perspective. This supports a healthy way of living by providing sustainable landscapes for years to come.

Carefully planned and thought out for living, working, playing where form follows function = quality outdoor experience.

The experience begins at the curb > inspiration , leads you to the front door > welcoming entrance with a wow factor is the beginning of the experience then continues on throughout the designated areas for relaxing conversation, physical interaction > play time, outdoor cooking and dining all enhanced with site, sound, or night

Climate change is a reality.

Unpredictable weather patterns have increased the awareness to enhance landscapes to withstand extreme conditions and provide the spaces to enjoy during the seasons of change. Resilient natural stone, hardy plant selections (many of which are native species) which are less demanding on water and constant care. Water conservation and sustainable landscapes are now at the forefront of planning and discussions of site related problem solving as we are the influencers of the future. What legacy will you hand down to your children's children?

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