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Market Place that Rocks

Whether you are inspired by the timeless stone landscapes of the old world or seeking out the modern symmetry of the new world properly installed natural stone is and always will be timeless. This picture of a landscape project I designed and installed (2011) was inspired by an old keyhole in the antique door of my office and an unusual keyhole on the front of my computer (old world meets new world). The aerial perspective resembles them both, but from the horizontal view, its stunning detailed stonework steals the show.

The combination of Wairton Wallstone and Coping for the curved stone wall backdrop and Wiarton coping continues to border a Banus black walkway and patio offset @ 45 degrees. Banus Stone comes from India (the sun bleaches it out to multiple shades of grey and charcoal). It's hard to comprehend that square-cut flagstones from the other side of the planet can be purchased for almost the same cost as modular concrete pavers.

Here is a project using Dundas Grey Armourstone and Banus grey calibrated stone steps with Banus grey square-cut flagstone landings and an upper terrace patio. Whenever possible I always include landings for ease of accent and decent of staircases

The selection and options for natural stone are abundant.

Whether guillotine or sawn there is a natural stone product for every application. Colour ranges from dark grey to earth-tone browns.

Retaining walls, stone borders, knee walls for sitting, step retention the list goes as far as one's imagination.

My all-time favourite for developing escarpment gardens craggy limestone moss rocks. Did you know that moss spores can rest dormant in sunlight for up to 400 years and when the conditions are right (ratio of shade and moisture) will revive and spread their green carpet to every nook and cranny of the rock...amazing!

There's a time and place for wood and concrete products as they are more adaptable in design and execution but both have expiry dates and maintenance costs for longevity.

The selection and quality of modular concrete pavers and retaining walls are impressive in their own right and have improved immensely over time. The quality landscape supply depots set up display borders for all to see 1st hand for design ideas and select the perfect match for their own particular application.

In addition to the vast array of stone suppliers also provide all the condiments, trac edging, geodesic cloth (real landscape fabric) base aggregates, soils, mulches, river stone, pea shopping for Designers, Installers, and the general public to peruse and get the creative juices going. These product supply photographs were all taken @ Creative Landscape Depot on HWY 7 between Rockwood and Guelph. This state-of-the-art facility has everything required to create any landscape project.

So when you are ready to take on your own landscape project do your homework and take a drive to get a rock-solid education on landscaping.

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