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Time for change

Updated: Jan 29

Climate change? more like climate catastrophe and what future world will our children's children inherit? When we decided to have children (1975) climate change was not even on the radar or a household catchphrase. DR. Suzuki was just beginning to raise eyebrows on "The Nature of Things" Even those of us in the green industry were not discussing/paying attention in the early days of the facts science was kicking around. I would say the mid-nineties is when the future of the earth's climate change became so apparent and the green industry (as everything is driven by the almighty buck!) began to sit up and take notice (for both ethical and monetary reasons) and yet here we are on the threshold of change. It's happening at such a rapid rate as scientists forecasted many years ago. Why are the powers to be procrastinating? Why is the green industry so very slow on the uptake?

When I was a kid growing up in rural Ontario I walked across the street and I was in a field full of native wildflowers with swarms of Butterflies and Bees. That same street is now Condominiums. I still live in rural Ontario, but now when I cross the street its genetically modified Soybeans, corn, and wheat. Obviously, we need the agricultural community to thrive, but we also need to keep our heritage seed bank and native habitats intact. So much has been paved over that the impact is becoming irreversible.

And what is the content of the curriculum for our children in today's education system? Does it emphasize the need for change? We need to get the future back into the fields, learn from the earth below, and watch and learn how nature adapts.

As we establish many sustainable landscapes we encounter many indigenous insects, reptiles, and mammals alike, and every time I try to take pictures and pass them on to my grandkids. It's natures game of finding Waldo..Hint Bumblebee.

These little miracles bring hope.

Getting the youth of today outside to experience nature's bounty may not turn them into Bioneers(but I highly recommend it!!) but it sure will give them a head start! on a better future of understanding.

It's never too late, even though today's requests for sustainable landscapes are more of a reactionary movement let's keep promoting, educating, and investing in our planet's future. Here's a little snippet of the amazing information you can find on the Bioneers website. I highly recommend everyone tap into this essential resource for all ages.

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