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As I look forward to another year and the begining of a new decade I find myself looking back over the past year and the past decade(s) and all the extrodinary accomplishments we have made with our landscaping business and are so thankful for the amazing opportunities our clients have afforded us to create. With great anticipation I can only imagine what the future will bring..............

Natural stone enhanced with many native species installed in 2011, fast forward to 2019 and it just beginng to mature, can't wait to see it evolve over time.

Technology is advancing at a meteronic speed and something tells me its only at the embrionic stage of its evolution. What will come next? We utilize computers to generate designs and budgets, write and record all activities, hell thats why I am writing this blog, encouraged by pretty much everyone I know telling me to share my mental library of horticultural etc. before I lose my faculties. (my wife says I am already losing it, so get on with it!) So I will do my best to share my experiences via this blog and who knows maybe technology will someday will just plug into the human brain and download in a matter of seconds. Then what?

The walk of thyme developed with stone found throughout the property and the gardens are a plant lovers collective dream, installed in forward to 2019 still my number one achievement.

Before formal education native peoples from all over the world lived in harmony with natural resources, never taking more than the earth would offer without depleting any part of the supply chain of life, whether it be mineral or biological. Can and will we return to such symbiosis, I truly hope so.

This is from the top standing in the fragrant garden

Since the creation of time civilizations have catalouged centuries of interaction with the planet, researchers have revealed many things of our beginings on this earth, and the chronicling (however acurate the documents) of what the human race has achieved and destroyed in its path of progress. Why has it taken so long to take action and why is taking so long to act? Why even young children are now stepping up to the microphone and speaking out! ie. Geta Thunberg 16 year old Swedish activist. I hope everyone is listening and will do their part.

The alpine Garden

Those of us who work with the environment have (or should be) been in tune with the dramatic changes occurring and we to have been too slow to change, but change is coming and if we all make sacrifices we can right the ship. We to have alot to learn and in doing so one of the challenges is to educate ourselves and work with our clients to entrust the faith to do good, environmentally sustainable landscapes.

Mediteranean garden

I found this in my archives and I cannot remember its source(I am starting to lose it lol) but it reminds me that Mother Nature has not given up the fight to survive!

So without any further ado, lets dig in and stop procrastinating

Quote: Oh daddy won't you take me back to Mulenburg County down by the river where paradise lay, well I am sorry my son but your to late in asking, Mr. Peabody's coal train has hauled it away. Author : John Prine : Song : Paradise

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